“We offer a comprehensive list of consultancy services specifically directed towards deploying SDN and NFV technologies into carrier grade telecommunication networks”

These services address all aspects associated with the advice and support that network operators require in introducing SDN & NFV technology into their networks and businesses.

From creating awareness and developing knowledge through Workshops, to analyzing your business and network environment in order to determine what is the best and most beneficial areas in which this technology can be introduced within your business operation.

It is important to note that the introduction of SDN & NFV does not only have an effect on your technology environment, but has an influence and effect on the entire business operation. Hence our consultancy services do not only address the technology aspects, but also look at the wider business aspects such as service policy, service and product creation, operational support (OSS) and business support (BSS), as well as the effect on personnel and skills requirements. In addition, and as has been mentioned elsewhere, our consultancy services are specifically directed towards adopting SDN & NFV within an African environment, taking into account the peculiarities and “pain points” unique to our part of the world.

The list of consultancy services include:

1. Conducting workshops in order to assist in building awareness and knowledge around SDN & NFV. Such workshops address, among other:

icon_techA technology overview of SDN & NFV

icon_proofA comprehensive overview of the current defined Proof of Concepts for SDN & NFV

icon_benefitsOverview of the benefits to be gained from introducing SDN & NFV

icon_vendorsAn overview of the vendor community involved in the SDN & NFV market

icon_processA comprehensive overview of the standardization process and status associated with SDN & NFV

icon_case studiesA presentation of key case studies, for understanding the benefits of SDN & NFV

icon_casesA comprehensive overview of the current defined use cases for SDN & NFV

2. Researching and publishing reports, either developed in-house and therefore published as generic reports, or undertaken as customized and funded research by customers.

3. Assisting network operators in selecting and managing Proof of Concept (PoC) projects to be run within their networks.

The running of PoCs not only assists with developing knowledge with the technical aspects associated with the deployment of SDN & NFV, but also gives network operators the opportunity to determine the effect of deploying such technology on other aspects of the business, such as service and product creation, skills and staffing levels, to name a few.

4. Advising network operators on how their network technology roadmaps should be adapted in order to accommodate the introduction of this technology into their networks.

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GD Telecom is a leading SDN & NFV consultancy practice that can assist and support your organization in adopting and deploying these technologies within your network and business environment.